Hypernova Makeup Palette

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12 Well Hypernova Makeup Palette

Universe - matte
Magnetic Field - shimmer
Meganova - matte
Interstellar - shimmer
Palomar Sky - matte
Gamma-Ray - shimmer
Optical Light - shimmer
Galaxy - shimmer
Cosmos - shimmer
Supernova - shimmer
Light Year - matte
Space Explosion - matte

Blendable, build-able mattes along with smooth like silk shimmers with pops of bold and neutral colors so you can create a variety of  beautiful looks

This makeup palette contains pigments and pigments are not FDA approved in the USA for use on the immediate eye area. They are approved for immediate eye area use in the EU and abroad. Always do a patch test on your skin before use and please discontinue use if irritation occurs. *Please see picture in listing for full ingredient list