Liquid Sugar Multi Chrome Eyeshadows ~ 🚨Part 2🚨

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Liquid Sugar Multi Chrome Eyeshadows Part 2:
🌈Sour Lollipop - iridescent red to pink to gold multi chrome
🌈Rainbow Popsicle -iridescent blue to green to purple to pink multi chrome
🌈Bubble Gum Ice Cream-iridescent pink to gold copper multi chrome
🌈Gummy Worms -iridescent green to gold to blue multi chrome
🌈Pink Rock Candy - iridescent pink to blue to purple multi chrome
🌈Orange Slices - iridescent orange to red to copper multi chrome
🌈Blu Raspberry Punch- iridescent Blue to pink to green
🌈Snow Cone- iridescent purple to blue to pink multi chrome

🌈Approximately 3.5ml of liquid product packaged in a eyeshadow tube with wand applicator


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Pigments, silica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carbomer, triethanolamine, h2o, galla rhios extract, trehalose, sodium hyaluronate, butanediol, ethylhexyglycerin